Your doctor just told you that you have Gestational Diabetes.........NOW WHAT?!
Did your doctor recommend medication, but you're afraid taking medication may be harmful to your baby?

Is changing your diet a major struggle and do you wish you had more guidance? Is even knowing where to begin causing anxiety and causing you to lose sleep?


I will focus on YOU and YOUR INDIVIDUAL needs.  TOGETHER we will set realistic goals that you can apply and continue working on independently even after we are done working together.

My training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition equipped me to help you make the RIGHT changes to the way you eat as well as managing stress and exercise.


Please explore my site for information and resources to help you get your blood sugars under control! It is my mission to help pregnant women struggling with Gestational Diabetes.

I  want to educate and provide support to everyone so that you can get your blood sugars under control NATURALLY... and help you have a healthy pregnancy...and baby!

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  • In the "RESOURCES " section you can learn about my e-books that are selling worldwide and helping pregnant women struggling with Gestational Diabetes  just like you....

  • If you have specific questions...or  feel like you just need extra, individual attention, you can take advantage of my individual health coaching sessions. Go to the "GET HELP" section to contact me.

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